Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today I felt like changing my blog around a bit. I'm going to have to come up with a new banner because I am aware that it doesn't fit at all anymore. It didn't even quite fit the last banner but I was too lazy to change it. I just have to choose a picture to put on it ... Something really 'me.' I'll look around my pictures and choose a really good one. Or maybe I will have to take some new pictures for it ... we'll see I guess! I also want to add a background to peek out from either side as well. I'm going to prettify this blog up!

In other news, today hasn't been going so well for me ... my boyfriend left for school yesterday morning and I will only be seeing him three times in the next year. I'm feeling rather lonely without him ... I know that the initial sadness will wear off eventually and I'll get used to a long distance relationship (which I am really scared of ... it's rare that these sorts of things work out). But right now I'm just not feeling particularly well ... and the fact that it is always raining since he left and only two degrees outside doesn't help my mood at all. AND the beautiful necklace he gave me for my birthday which I like to wear everyday broke because clumsy me dropped it and I can't wear it anymore at the moment, until I try and glue it back together ... sigh. I'm sorry for complaining. It's just kind of been a hard week. At least I can work on editting those pictures he took of me the other day ... and working on my blog ... and finishing the New York posts ...

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