Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love kids but ..

There were so many crying ones at work today. Wow, I must have been surrounded by at least four screaming kids today. So mothers: don't be embarrassed when your kids cry in public. Even the good ones do.

Though some mothers let their kids get away with the worst stuff. I remember one day I was working the fitting rooms and a mother came with her son with three or four pairs of jeans for him to try on, and this kid was apparently quite frustrated because, "Mom! I DON'T want to try on jeans! Let's just go HOME!" and she would say, "It's just a few pairs, it won't take long, we just need to get some back to school shopping done." And he would say, "NO MOM. Just buy them all and we'll return what doesn't fit, let's just go HOME!" (and boy was he yelling at this point.) And mom said, "Okay sweetie, we'll go home." Wow, how does mom let her son talk to her that way? When I am a mother, my kids are going to RESPECT me. That's how I feel about that anyway. My kids will not get away with talking to me or their father like that, I strongly believe that children need to respect their parents.

On the other hand, this cute little boy was running around hiding in the clothes and jumping out at me as I hung them up today. He was SO cute! Sometimes I just adore kids!

I hope you enjoyed that huge block of text about kids, I am going to tell you about the dress I got today! It's so cute, and will probably be perfect for clubbing, which I will be legally old enough to do in 9 days!


I also got this year's birthday tiara today. Every year I buy myself a new tiara, to remind people that I am actually a princess. But on my birthday, I am the QUEEN!

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