Friday, February 10, 2012

Woman in Black


I'm so proud of myself, I've been doing so good at updating! And that's kind of sad, because I've really only updated twice consecutively, and THAT's good for me, hohoho.

I cant' remember if I've mentioned this on my blog yet, but that new Woman in Black movie ... is FRIGGIN TERRIFYING. Well, I get scared of movies pretty easily, and I like that, because I like being scared ... it's fun. As long as heights aren't involved. Heights are NOT fun. But man, I loved that movie. Two firsts happened during it for me: 1) I never scream during movies, especially not in the theatre. I think that is so very obnoxious and I can't stand when other people do it, so why would I annoy other people by doing it? But there was one scene that made me utter a sound. Not a scream, but a little squeal. Involuntarily. I felt so embarrassed, ahahahaha. I don't think it was loud enough for other people to hear, but still ... I don't want them to think I'm obnoxious! The second thing that never happens when I watch scary movies, is I'm never scared the second time I watch it. But I took my buddy Jake and his boyfriend Chase to see it, and they spent the whole time with their eyes closed, and I was almost as terrified that time as I was the first time I watched it!

The direction I thought was quite well done, they managed to always have something in the background that tricked you into thinking there was something behind him, so you stayed in such suspense. Or at least I did. I thought that was really cool. Speaking of him, Daniel Radcliffe is unfortunately going to eternally be a teenager in my eyes. Just like Dakota Fanning (who is still seven years old) or the Hilary Duff. I couldn't believe that he was supposed to be a grown up father in this movie. He did a great job, but it's just ... thanks to many years of loving Harry Potter, I'm stuck like this.

Whatever, if Daniel Radcliffe is forever going to be type cast because of Harry Potter, I don't think that's a bad thing. He made a mofo fortune doing Harry Potter. He probably never has to be cast again even.

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