Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today I changed my hair ... again. But now, I'm going to keep it the same for a while. Let it grow so I can start all over.

I did my roots, which were amazingly almost a whole half an inch long after just over 2 weeks since I last coloured! I don't know if it's just because my roots are SO BLONDE compared to the black, but at least I know now for sure that my hair IS growing (unlike with the platinum, unfortunately). We bleached my bangs as well, so I could make them pink, but since I've put black over black over black on them for so long, it didn't go so well. My roots look wicked though!

I went out into the sun to try and show how bright the pink could be. Also, how bright my skin could be.

Then I went and got my nails did, hot pink and purple for Valentine's ... though I have to file them still. My nail girl does a fantastic job every time, but she never manages to get them pointy enough. And filing takes sooooo long, so I at least just let her slim them down, then I do the rest.

Alex and I went to Michael's to wander around, I wanted to find a cross-stitch pattern to do but there was nothing that interesting to me. But we found this book full of the craziest colour-by-numbers I have ever seen. You pretty much can't tell what they are until you colour them. I'm sure it must have been interesting to see a "grown-up" couple go up to the till and buy a colouring book and Kinder-Surprises (they had some sitting by the counter and that chocolate is so gross, it's delicious! Upon opening them we discovered that the toys are way more intense too!!). But we know we're cool. I coloured one of the colour-by-numbers, and it turned out to be a gay pride tiger.


Well, time for me to go to bed early ... I have a sore throat and just an all over cold-ish feeling, and colds SUCK so good night and good riddance!

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