Monday, February 6, 2012

Ahh, it's so nice to come home and it's clean. Last night I did a hardcore kitchen clean because I was bored and I felt like the kitchen needed a hardcore clean. And now I feel like it's time to do the bathroom, because I do the bathroom every Sunday and I didn't last night ... ALSO I forgot about the birds yesterday so I need to do the cage as well. Work is never done ... but at least my life is not boring.

They're so stupid. I love them ever so.

OKAY funny story of the day. I met the oddest kid today. Oddest? is that a word? Anyway, if it's not a word, it is now because I said so. So this fourteen-year-od came in with his mom and he was being a little SNOT to her, I can't believe that his mom was letting him get his hair coloured even though he was being such a brat. So I took him and sat him in my chair and asked what he wanted, and he said, "Just cut it. And straighten it."

So I said, "Cool, and you want a colour as well right? What colour would you like?" He asked for bright red. So I went and mixed the colour and began applying it, being rather sloppy because during the consultation he said other downright snotty things and he was just being extremely rude. Nevertheless, I decided I would at least try to make coversation. So I asked why he wanted bright red hair.

"Because it's the colour of blood."

And I just laughed. What else could I do? It was funny. Obviously, this whole time, this kid has just been trying to shock me. My friend, I have eight piercings and pink and blue hair, no eyebrows and black makeup. You think you can shock me? Now that I had caught on, I knew exactly what to do to connect with this kid. All I had to do was ask him what kind of music he was into (heavy metal, duh), and then I said "You seem pretty artistic too, are you?" and BOOM he started chatting with me and by the end of it I got a ton of smiles out of him.

His favourite movie was Hostel ... and apparently he liked to paint scenes of death and ill people and bleeding people ...

What a funny, funny kid. He was super friendly and everything, but he was trying so hard, hahaha. He's from out of town but I would be so thrilled if he came back to me one day (lots of his family live here). He says next time we'll do lime green.

Then I came home and painted Homer. My parents got him for Alex but he was just sitting there and I thought he would look so much better with colour. And he DOES. Now we just need some chia seeds so we can grow him some hair. I think he looks friggin' hilarious.

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